At Braid, we are experienced operators of both Flexitanks and ISO Tanks. We respect our customers and competition as part of a healthy business environment who deserve unbiased and measured information. A balanced view of different bulk liquid packaging and shipping options would reveal benefits to each - yet all these options are workable, sustainable and provide value to the end-users.

Here are some of the key points on environmental sustainability in bulk liquid logistics.

  • Braid is an ISO 14001 accredited manufacturer and operator of Flexitanks. We serve and engage with responsible clients, who manage waste in line with regulatory requirements and best environmental practices.
  • Braid Flexitanks are made from fully recyclable materials, this includes all the packaging elements.
  • Flexitank materials do not go into consumer waste streams, and therefore do not contribute to ocean pollution.
  • Braid Flexitanks carry over three billion litres of liquid per year. The polyethylene materials used to manufacture all Braid Flexitanks represent less than 0.001% of total plastic produced globally.
  • Flexitanks offer a comparable payload and economical alternative to ISO Tanks and other bulk liquid intermodal options.
  • The carbon footprint of a Flexitank shipment is equivalent or significantly lower than any alternatives in container shipping.
  • All bulk liquids transported globally, including hazardous materials and any effluent, have to be carefully managed and controlled to protect our environment. It is the responsibility of all cargo owners to strive for continuous improvement towards environmental sustainability.

Multinational corporations, chemical and food companies are the leaders in environmental stewardship and strictly control waste management practices. They produce raw materials that are the building blocks of essential products that we all use daily. Braid Flexitanks and ISO Tanks provide social, economical and environmental benefits to the global supply chain of these consumer goods.

Further information and guidelines are available in the Braid Environmental and Sustainability Guide. You can access it here.

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