Only Braid flexitanks come with Hexopure technology. That makes them the world's most advanced flexitanks.

Hexopure technology starts with the polymers, carefully selected for exacting physical and mechanical properties and blended in precise ratios for superior molecular integrity. Each flexitank is cargo-specific, every component traceable to source.
Each one is manufactured in a sterile FSSC22000 environment to surpass the exacting standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
Our care extends beyond the flexitank being emptied of its taint free cargo and covers its safe and complete recycling.

This result of years of research and development is a standard that gives maximum security from leaks and keeps the contents - and reputations taint-free.


in Flexitanks


Engineered for an incredible range of base oils, oleochemcials, and petro-chemicals


Protects liquid food cargo with our proprietary polythene blend


Safeguards the delicate taste of wine


Designed to transport mineral water in its pristine state


The Braid Flexitank story begins before its manufacture in sterile conditions. Our full traceability extends to the polymers which make up the very fabric of the flexitank. Our care extends beyond the flexitank being emptied of its taint free cargo and covers its safe and complete recycling.


For industrial liquids, only industrial strength flexitank will do. Fortiflex is trusted by the world’s leading brands to carry chemicals, oils, lubricants, enzymes and many other non-hazardous liquids.

Fortiflex is a single use flexitank designed to safely transport chemicals oils lubricants and other non-hazardous liquids. Built and tested to be compatible with these cargos Fortiflex ensures chemical compatibility and an optimised environment or smooth intermodal transit. Made using a polythene blend specially developed in house and manufactured in our own fully integrated facilities this film is co-extruded and tested extensively for strength and product compatibility, giving Fortiflex a 3G+ rating.


Edible oils, fruit juices and other food ingredients travel the world under constant threat of contamination and oxidation. Bacterial, physical and allergen contaminants (air ingress to us) were paramount concerns in perfecting bulk liquid food packaging that’s strong, safe and taint free.

Contamination can even come from the flexitank itself unless its one engineered specifically to safeguard liquid consumables. Sterguard is made in a FSSC22000 food-grade facility under the stringent requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative.


Wine is the only liquid in the world expected to withstand the rigours of transport as well as the scrutiny of discerning oenologists.

During transit it’s tossed on seas and rattled on railroads in blistering heat and freezing cold. Protecting its journey from vineyard to glass is a challenge but years of research perfected the taint free solution. Vinpro shields and protects wine from oxidation and excess movement ensuring it arrives at the destination as perfect at delivery as it was when loaded.


Water is one of the most critical liquids to transport and the easiest to taint. That was the challenge we undertook, to develop bulk liquid packaging that is strong, safe and -critically for the finest spring and mineral waters – taint free. After years of ground-breaking research in polymer science we perfected the solution, a flexitank engineered specifically for water and trusted by the world’s premium water brands.


We’re with you every step of the way, advising you on the right flexitank, the right documentation, the right filling and discharge techniques. We’ve a team on the ground where you’re on the ground. Our customer service is excellent, test our strength.

You’d never compromise on your own production standards, and the integrity of the supply chain is equally important. We become an extension of your process and the fact we move products as sensitive as baby food ingredients show that when you have a reputation to safeguard, the name you can trust is Braid.
We’re the local global logistics player. We’ve got teams on the ground in every continent and all the major ports. Their local knowledge means projects get expedited, paperwork gets perfected and problems easily solved.
We’re rightly proud of our customer service. Being Flexitank specialist there’s isn’t a cargo we’ve not transported. We’ve trained staff on the ground and at the end of a phone line ready to help you with any aspect of easily, effortlessly and efficiently moving any consignment from any location to any location. Test our strength.