Message from Group CEO

Message from Braid Group

We are all facing a very challenging situation with the pandemic and feeling the effects of it from a personal and company perspective. Our foremost thoughts must go to the people that have contracted the virus and not survived. This has been terrible for their families and all concerned and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

This silent enemy is unprecedented in virtually all of our lifetimes. I remember SARS in March 2003 and was in Hong Kong and China at the time of the outbreak. Many friends and employees were quarantined, but we got through it. Covid-19 is far more prevalent and has affected far more people globally, but again we will get through it. Time will run its course and there will be a global recovery meanwhile we must react, individually and corporately, in a way to protect ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues and everyone else we come into contact with.

We must comply with local government regulations wherever you maybe at this current time and work towards how we can exceed these requirements in the best interests of everyone.

Braid are working internally and externally to meet all current regulations and determined to meet all obligations of our service commitments. In many locations we have already been commended with our ability not only to supply our equipment and services, but to also meet additional demand. Thanks to our staff and suppliers who have been able to make this happen. Clients have approached Braid to assist in these difficult circumstances where our competition have not been able to. Braid are able to do this because of our totally integrated supply chain and global network.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support, keep safe and lets all work together to get over this pandemic crisis as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards

Allan Leddra

Braid Group CEO

We’re with you every step of the way, advising you on the right flexitank, the right documentation, the right filling and discharge techniques. We’ve a team on the ground where you’re on the ground. Our customer service is excellent, test our strength.
We’re the local global logistics player. We’ve got teams on the ground in every continent and all the major ports. Their local knowledge means projects get expedited, paperwork gets perfected and problems easily solved.
We’re rightly proud of our customer service. Being food grade specialists there’s hardly a food we’ve not transported. We’ve trained staff on the ground and at the end of a phone line ready to help you with any aspect of easily, effortlessly and efficiently moving any consignment from any location to any location. Test our strength.

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