Message from Group CEO

Braid Group

In recent years, The Braid Group has gone through a very exciting and progressive period, with 2018 being an exceptional year. We have opened new offices in Japan, South Africa and Netherlands. Our flexitank manufacturing facilities have been expanded and enhanced our component manufacturing creating capacity for complete in house and integrated production. Our 20 owned offices and over 60 exclusive agents provide our customers with a truly global logistics support network. Our ISO tank fleet has expanded and has grown by 33% in two years.

In tandem with the rapid and positive changes within the Braid Group, our marketing team has been working on an initiative to revitalise our services and products branding. This project has now been completed and we are extremely pleased to announce and present our new branding and logo and which is displayed above. We believe this new identity, which is focused on portraying The Braid Group, strength, technical capability and logistics reach, is vital in delivering a message to our current and prospective clients and cementing our position as a global leader in our industry. It provides a new image of our group as a “global logistics provider specialising in liquid logistics”.

Our flexitank products are recognised in the industry and by our clients as the quality benchmark and we will continue to build on this reputation. For over 16 years and over 1 million shipments, customers can be rest assured that their products will reach their clients safely and efficiently. Our 24/7 global customer support network is second to none and is there as and when our customers need it. To highlight this unique offering by Braid, Hexopure technology has been developed. As part of the flexitank products we manufacture for our customers, Hexopure is tailored to our customers and industry needs and demonstrates that with Braid, everyone is “safe with science”. Information on Hexopure Technology can be found on this website.

Braid Group are constantly on the lookout for diversification opportunities and 2018 was a breakthrough year for our ambitions in this area. We are acutely aware that the materials we use in the construction of flexitanks can be recycled. We are actively participating with the UK government and global objectives to increase plastic recovery, recycling and reuse. To this end we are pleased to confirm our investment in a new venture, a fully integrated plastics recycling facility, in the UK. Our participation and partnership in this facility, involving dedicated and environmentally led technologists, will increase our knowledge in this field, contribute to the environment and our industries sustainability, as well as be the blue print for future facilities as we expand this technology to other areas around the world. 2018 has been an exciting year. 2019 promises to be equally so. We have active projects and plans to; open more offices and expand our network; commission a new component manufacturing facility, increased ISO tank investment, and enhanced IT systems.

I am extremely proud to announce our developments and especially our new identity which highlights how we have changed and expanded. The Braid Group have come a long way over the last 5 years. Our clients, suppliers and staff are extremely important to us. Our culture, structure and environment substantiates our market leading services and ensures that we will continue to deliver quality service and product offerings in 2019 and beyond.

Allan Leddra

Braid Group CEO

We’re with you every step of the way, advising you on the right flexitank, the right documentation, the right filling and discharge techniques. We’ve a team on the ground where you’re on the ground. Our customer service is excellent, test our strength.
We’re the local global logistics player. We’ve got teams on the ground in every continent and all the major ports. Their local knowledge means projects get expedited, paperwork gets perfected and problems easily solved.
We’re rightly proud of our customer service. Being food grade specialists there’s hardly a food we’ve not transported. We’ve trained staff on the ground and at the end of a phone line ready to help you with any aspect of easily, effortlessly and efficiently moving any consignment from any location to any location. Test our strength.

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